Elevating brand experiences through sports events

We are Godzilla Marketing an events tech based International agency on the grow.

Godzilla marketing is an integrated marketing and events powerhouse that focuses on providing new-age tech solutions to a business and profoundly redefining marketing to new heights while also redefining events and exhibitions as an industry.

Our primary focus on Augmented Reality (AR) provides the perfect solution for brands and events organizers looking to create virtual event experiences for audiences worldwide.

We integrate Mixed Reality solutions such as AR and VR into your communications mix as a different way of raising your brands’ awareness, your product, or service directly in front of your targeted audience, even if you can not physically be there in the same place as them.

From recreating interactive 3D exhibition stands to create unique virtual product demos and presentations, AR enables exhibitors and event organizers to take their event experience directly to audiences, wherever they are, and at any time.

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